Ceramic Industrial coating is a material used for many purposes. Many businesses use it every day, sometimes without realising it. It’s resistant to chemicals and corrosion, meaning many sectors favour it. Plus, it’s a strong insulating material, so it is often used in electrical components. Ceramic industrial coatings will benefit your business, no matter what industry you are in, and this blog will demonstrate why.

At Atlas Wear Solutions, we have been servicing Australia wide for over 20 years. We specialise in providing industrial rubber and ceramic linings as well as wear and corrosion protective coatings. We are experts at providing the right materials to businesses all over Australia so that they continue to thrive.

What is Ceramic Industrial Coating?

Ceramic industrial coating is a type of material used to cover and protect many different materials. It is made out of Ceramic Alumina, which is a combination of both ceramic and alumina.

Alumina is a chemical compound that is mostly used in aluminium production. This is a widely known metal used for cans, foils, kitchen utensils, and more. Alumina has many uses due to its favourable properties. This means it can be combined and used for other products. These characteristics include:

  • Resistance to chemical abrasion
  • Wear resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • High hardness
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to chemicals.

Ceramic Industrial Coatings therefore will be highly beneficial to your business because of the fact that it’s made from Ceramic Alumina. Ceramic Alumina is a very hard technical ceramic that is able to be used for a wide range of industrial applications due to its mechanical and electrical properties.

What is Ceramic Industrial Coatings Used For?

What is Ceramic Industrial Coatings Used For?

There are a number of uses for ceramic industrial coatings. Because it is highly durable and resistant to abrasion and has conductive abilities, it can be used for many different coverings and technical devices. These include:

  • Wear components
  • Electronic components
  • Electrical insulators
  • Laser tubes
  • Machine components
  • And roller and ball bearings

Interestingly it is so durable that it can even be used for space devices. NASA uses Ceramic Industrial Coatings in their turbines and on their aviation devices – if this doesn’t prove the durability and power of this product, then perhaps nothing will!

In general, ceramic industrial coatings are mostly used as a high-temperature electrical insulator, because of their high level of resistivity. It’s also resistant to strong acids and alkalis, which makes it ideal for applications that interact with corrosive substances.

What Industries Use Ceramic Industrial Coatings?

What Industries Use Ceramic Industrial Coatings?

Many different industries use ceramic industrial coatings every day to better their business. We’ll outline some uses and industries here:

  • Aviation – the coating is used to protect aircraft from the extreme climates that come with flying in high altitudes.
  • Solar Energy – here it’s used to protect against any potential buildup and to help keep solar panels cleaner for longer. This helps efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Marine – ceramic coating is used to protect against rust amongst other things.
  • Pipelines – it’s used here to lower the maintenance costs and protect against corrosion. The surface created is quire slick so that dirt and oil do not stick to it. This then reduces any maintenance cost.
  • Machinery – Ceramic coating is resistant to both chemicals and corrosion, which makes it an obvious choice to protect machinery in an industrial setting. This is both cost-efficient and time-efficient, as maintenance costs are lower and machines need less maintenance downtime.
  • Bio-medical – Ceramic coating can be used in the bio-medical industry with items like cochlear implants, medical tubes, and teeth implants, for example.
  • Military – The coating is also shock-resistant, it’s a great material for armour plating for tanks and helicopters, as well as in bullet-proof jackets.
  • Enamelling – Here it is used to surface insulators and tiles.
  • Chemical – The coating is excellent at resisting chemicals, making it a fantastic substance for chemical storage or the transportation of aggressive products.

Why Does My Business Need Ceramic Industrial Coating?

Why Does My Business Need Ceramic Industrial Coating?

With ceramic industrial coating, your business can save money and become more energy efficient. Not only is it an excellent electrical insulator, making it a great choice for industrial materials and machines, but it has lots of other beneficial properties too. These include being resistant to corrosion and chemicals, which make it an obvious choice in scientific industries, like space, engineering, and biomedical. You will save time, energy, and money if you choose to have your machines and materials coated in the ceramic industrial coating. Depending on your industry, you might need it throughout.

How Can Atlas Wear Help with the Installation of Ceramic Industrial Coating in my Business?

Firstly, we would encourage you to book a free audit with one of our experts so that we can safely determine how to install the ceramic industrial coating and how it will impact your company. We will then assess any costs associated with installing it and give you a thorough report on anything that you might need to know.

We know that the best results of ceramic tiling come from the correct surface preparation and installation, which we are experts at. Our knowledgeable team can install the materials either at your site or in our workshop. We are fully equipped with portable blasters, compressors and application equipment for use on your site for corrosion protection or refurbishment of structures and screens. Plus, our extensive knowledge of correct surface preparation and the application of which materials will work best for each specific application will extend the life of your plant and equipment.

At Atlas Wear, we specialise in the tiling of material transfer chutes and wear areas that experience aggressive corrosive exposure, like bin linings, impact plates, and pipes. We know that these areas deserve high-quality coatings, which is why we encourage businesses in certain industries to consider ceramic industrial coverings.

Ceramic industrial coatings made up of ceramic alumina are versatile with many great uses. Particularly if you are in an industry that requires a lot of chemical usage, or electrical products, ceramic alumina will be beneficial for your company. With its insulating materials and plenty of positive characteristics, it’s easy to see why more companies and industries are turning to ceramic alumina for their needs.

Atlas Wear Solutions (formerly Atlas Rubber and Ceramic Tiling) has been servicing Australia for over twenty years. We specialise in providing industrial rubber and ceramic linings as well as wear and corrosion protective coatings. We have a fully equipped workshop in Oak Flats and can provide onsite work with our equipment that includes mobile compressors, blast hopper units and generators with fully trained and highly qualified and experienced staff.

We offer a large range of premium rubber, ceramic tiles, mining hoses and internal and external protective coatings, giving you, the client, much more choices of products and services at very competitive prices. Contact Atlas Wear today to see how industrial ceramic coatings can benefit your company, today.